• SQL DB Apache™ server

    Database MySQLi; CPanel, server- client, domains..

  • Android™ Native Apps

    Mobile responsive, dinamic PHP; Android Studio SDK.

  • Adds & SEO Google™

    GooglePlay Store, Add Sense, AdWords, Search Console..

One Step Ahead..

Without being able to close even our artistic parenthesis, one of our immediate dedications is the creation and development of mobile applications and dynamic platforms, with some of the following technologies:

Java & APKs

Responsive mobile applications for Android™ devices, development and creation of APKs for Google Play Store.


Queries and server-client language for PHP MyAdmin application databases with login spaces, register users, etc.

Download GooglePlay APP


Hypertext interfaces and company corporate style sheets or artistic projects. Fast and economical websites of companies or freelances.

SEO & Google™

Services of the Company to enhance your site, monetize or view international statistics: Search Console, AdSense, Adds, Trends, Analytics, AdMob..

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