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NFT (non-fungible token) is a technology that allows the creation of a unique signature, a digital certificate that ensures the authenticity of something. It can be an image file, a song, a tweet, a text posted on a website, physical items, and various other digital formats..


An NFT is highly secure and cannot be duplicated, for this reason it is possible to know which is the original copy of digital art, for example. NFT certificates are created based on Ethereum, a blockchain, and are traded through a cryptocurrency called Ether.


Blockchain is a special type of database where data can only be added (it cannot be deleted or changed).
Through this technology, artists and creatives can generate a certificate of authenticity for their digital works, which previously could be easily copied, and thus finance their work.

"It is good to know that you are the owner of the first view of something, not to mention that the Internet and copyright tend to repel each other"
Icaro de Abreu

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